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HI-PLAST  S50, SP, 186  is high range water reducing Admixtures of SNF Based Superplasticizers. It is brown color liquid based on selected sulfonated naphthalene Polymers.


HI-PLAST S50, SP, 186 Superplasticizer is a superior dispersing admixture having a marked capacity to disperse the cement agglomerates normally found in cement–water suspension. This capability exceeds that of normal water–reducing admixtures, resulting in lower dosages and better control.


To produce concrete with extreme workability characteristics. To produce free-flowing concrete in – floor slabs, foundations, slender components with packed reinforcements, walls & columns, beams, and ceilings. It is also used as a water-reducer for the manufacturing of Precast concrete elements, bridges and cantilever structures, pre-stressed concrete structures, new generation design concrete tiles.

HI-PLAST  S50,  SP, 186  Superplasticizer is ideal for use in any concrete where it is desired to keep the water/ cement ratio to the minimum and still achieve the degree of workability necessary to provide easy placement and consolidation.


  • Improved cohesion and particle dispersion minimizes segregation and bleeding and improves
  • Substantial improvement in workability
  • Improved density and surface
  • Chloride-free does not attack reinforcement or pre-stressed
  • Suitable for pre-cast concrete and other high early strength requirements


HI-PLAST  S50, SP, 186  is a  single component material packed in  250 kg plastic containers.


COLOR                                   :  Brown

Form                                       : Liquid

Specific gravity@200C       : 1.16 to±0.015

pH Value                               : 7.0-7.5±0.5.

Salt Scaling Resistance      : Excellent

Chloride Content                : 0.0%


350ml to 1kg/bag of cement. The optimum dosage should always be determined by trials using the materials and conditions that will be experienced in use.

Hi-Plast S50, SP, 186  is supplied ready for use and should be added directly to the mix preferably with the gauging water. The concrete should then be mixed for sufficient time to ensure thorough dispersion.


Stored in tightly sealed containers at room temperature. The shelf life of the properly stored material is one year from the date of manufacture.

This Product is Formulated and Labeled and Commercial use only  For Best Results and Safest Usage User is Specialty Directed to Consult.

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We are in need of admixture 1000 litres for RMC PLANT at Palanpur Quote the price


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Thank you for your enquiry our technical team will contact you soon please forward your company details and contact details


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