11111HI-PCE HR 5050% Solids High Water Reducing, High Retention PCE for making Polycarboxylate Based AdmixturesKnow More
21112HI-PCE WR 5050% Solids High Water Reducing and High Strength PCE for making Polycarboxylate Admixtures.Know More
31113HI-VMAViscosity Modifying agent.Know More
41114HI-HRA 50High Water Reducing, High Retention PCE for making Polycarboxylate based AdmixturesKnow More
51115HI-WRA 50High Water Reducing, High Strength Polycarboxylate EtherKnow More
61116HI-HESG 50High Water Reducing, High Early Strength Gaining Polycarboxylate EtherKnow More
71117HI-PCE 100Polycarboxylate Ether PowderKnow More

The Pioneer Polycarboxylate Ether Manufacturer in India.

Guaranteed to produce remarkable concrete admixtures

B&B’s Polycarboxylate Ether is the outcome of B&B’s Research & Product Development wing. B&B research and product development is the place where the future construction chemicals are designed and developed. It takes immense knowledge & expertise to understand and develop a solution, to formulate each molecule until it is tested near to “sensational”. Our ventures include exclusively with the nation’s top chemists, industry experts, clients & vendors. Our raw materials are wholly garnered from the finest organizations and only the approved proceed towards product synthesization. Every product brought to life at B&B research & product development will be sent to field tests to understand the level of customer experience & satisfaction.

We adopt the best technology and partnerships that leverage the power of our unique structure to advance specialty construction chemicals and develop new solutions that don’t just meet our customers’ requirements but exceed them.

  • Hibond synthesizes the distinguished Polycarboxylate Ether, the main raw material used for formulating your everyday Hyper plasticizers.
  • Hibond holds the technology that helps study even the microscopic level of PCE molecules and their reaction with cementitious particles upon hydration.
  • At Hibond we follow the ethic of “economic expertise” wherein we manufacture the Polycarboxylate Ether by blending the best in class chemists with advanced polymer technology, resulting in exceptional product performance.

This is what you get from B&B. Purity & Consistency!

Polycarboxylate Ether - PCE