HI-BOND is a pioneer specialty construction chemicals manufacturer. All the products synthesized and produced by HI-BOND are a result of B&B’s R&PD (Research & Product Development) wing whose aim is to constantly ask the question as to how else can we serve our society better. HI-BOND has long been investing in a strategy aimed at developing new solutions and providing customer satisfaction through exceeding their economical and technical needs. And emphasis to these characteristics have termed us the “Leader in Specialty construction chemical industry.”

We are a bunch of obsessives.

HI-BOND is a knowledge group of individuals that have understood concrete to its very core, and how our chemical molecules affect the structure & concrete characteristics both chemically and physically. We tend to solve all our concrete hurdles in the most enjoyable manner only for the fact that our roots are addicted to everything about concrete.

Addicted to delight.

At HI-BOND our aim is to not just satisfy our customers but to amaze them! All our products have always been innovative by the way they perform. We are the specialized formulator of Polycarboxylate Ether concrete admixtures in India. As a matter of fact we have provided customized products to clients without fail. Period!


“When you focus on one thing, you master it.” And we have mastered the art of product consistency, HI-BOND’s hallmark! Supplying consistent formulations saves tremendous amounts of materials and mental pressure for the clients and to us. With consistency as our hallmark, we run with no after-sales grievance team which signifies the importance we establish on blending our admixtures to perform as they promised.