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HI-CEM – Cement Grinding Aid by HI-BOND

HI-BOND’S Cement Grinding Additives (HI-CEM) are a result of strict formulation and highest possible understanding of cement raw materials. HI-CEM solutions work as grinding aids and performance enhancers. This dual role provides intangible utility in manufacturing cement and meets various objectives be it horizontal or vertical roller mills.

HI-CEM Provides Solutions For
– Poor cement performance
– Low strength
– Lumps in cement
– Build up or bloat of silo
– Short storage life

The solution actually involves much more than the product itself. It requires knowing your objectives and understanding your challenges and mill process and working with you to trail product selections before we can arrive at an economical beneficial solution that delivers the result you are looking for.

Contact us today so we can help advance your cement performance.