Concrete Repair and Restoration

Sl.NoCodeProduct NameDescription
15011 HI FIX Polymer Bonding Aid And Mortar Additive.
25012HI-FIX SBR Latex Bonding Agent,Polymer Modifier.
35021HI SEAL P Powdered Crack Filler On Plastered Surface
45022HI SEAL A Fast Setting Polymer Modified Concrete & Masonry Repair Mortar.
55023HI CRM Crack Repair Mortar
65031HI GROUT General Purpose Cementitious Repair Mortar
75032HI-GROUT GP II Cementitious Non- Shrink Free Flow High Strength Precision Grout.
85041HI PLUG Waterproof Plugging Mortar.
95051 HI-MICRO CONCRETE Mortar For Repairs Of Damaged Reinforced Concrete Members
105061HI CURE Single Component Acrylic-Based Primer And Curing Compound.