Products for Steel

110031 MM De Slag Slag Coagulant For Iron And Steel For Ladles And Furnaces.
210041MM DeSulphuriser Flux For Reduce phosphoriser In Iron/Steel.
310051MM Dephosphoriser Flux For Reduce Sulphur In Iron/Steel.
410061MM Coremix Additive For Green Sand Moulding
510071MM Coregum Quick Drying Core & Mould Jointing Paste Produces A Strong Joint.
610081MM Mouldsil Silicate Base Binder
710082MM Mouldsil 123 Special Silicate Binder With Built In Break Down Agent
810091MM PRA Pattern Releasing Agent For All Types Of Pattern And Core Boxes
910131MM Mould Coat 00 Thinner For Diluting Spirit Based Paints Used On Moulds And Cores.
1010141MM Steel Coat (S) Zircon – Spirit Based Paint For Sand Moulds And Cores For Steel.
1110142MM Steel Coat 01 (S) Zircon-Ceramic Spirit Based Paint For Moulds And Cores For Steel
1210143MM Steel Coat (W) Zircon-Water Based Coatings For Chemically Bonded Moulds And Cores.
1310144MM Steel Coat 001 A Powder Coating Designed For Sand Moulds And Cores For Steel.
1410151 MM Steel Coat C (S) Alcohol Based Ceramic Refractory Coating
1510152MM Steel Coat C (W) Water Based Ceramic Refractory Coating.
1610161MM Manganese Coat (S) Magnasite-Spirit Based Coatings For Manganese Steel Castings.
1710162MM Manganese Coat 001 A Powder Mould And Core Dressing For Manganese Steel.
1810171MM Refra Coat Refractory Coating Designed To Protect The Bricks, Steel,Monolithics Etc. Castables
1910181MM APC 11 Insulating And Mildly Exothermic Riser Topping Compound.
2010182MM APC 22 Highly Exothermic And Insulating Anti Piping Compound.
2110183MM APC IN Insulating Riser Topping Compound.
2210184MM Riser Metal An Exothermic Feeding Product Which Produces Liquid Iron.
2310185MM LLB Ladle Lining Boards.
2410186MM L.C.C Highly Insulating Ladle Covering Compound
2510191MM Ins-liners Performed Sleeves Of Fibrous Insulating Material.
2610192MM Exo-liners Performed Exothermic Sleeves To Assist The Feeding Of Castings.
2710193MM Hot Tops Highly Exothermic / Insulating Hot Tops For Ingots