14011HI-RENDER General Purpose Render For Internal And External
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24012 HI-RENDER SB Polymer Modified Render For Internal And External.
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34021HI-MORTAR GP General Purpose Masonry Mortar.
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44022HI-MORTAR RTB Roof Tile Bedding Mortar.
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54023 HI-JOINT MORTAR Rapid Set Joint Mortar
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64024HI-HSBC High Strength Bedding Mortar
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74031HI-CRETE GP General Purpose Concrete
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84041 HI-SCREED Sand Cement Screed
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94042HI-FLOOR HARDENERNon Metallic Floor HardenerKnow More
104043HI-HARD FLOORNon Metallic, Monolithic Surface HardenerKnow More

Hassle free quality dry mortars

Providing revolutionized mortar solutions combined with advanced benefits.

Being environmentally friendly is not new to us at Hi-Bond. HiBond’s ready-mix dry mortars are produced and packed in a highly controlled environment. The premixed dry mortar solutions contain unique formulations that offer numerous benefits over conventional mixes. Our products are produced using eco-friendly raw materials and our plant and process are ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

Hi-Bond’s Dry Mortar unique formulation contains graded sand, which is silt free thus, allows smooth and even surface finishing. Special additives and polymers provide improved work-ability and higher bonding properties. Compared to traditional plasters, the re-bound loss of mortar is reduced by a whopping 4/5th – ultimately saving numerous amounts of costs to the end user. As our services are backed with immense technical support along with competitive pricing we are the natural choice for architects, specification, and construction professionals seeking solutions to their construction materials requirements.

Our extensive range of fleet, coupled with highly experienced and efficient logistics systems ensures prompt delivery of our products across the country.