Products for Aluminium

120011MM Cover Flux AL Covering And Cleaning Flux For Aluminium Alloys.
220012 MM Cover Flux LM Low Melting Covering Flux For Large Bath Area, Al.MeltingFurnaces.
320013MM Cover Flux Al. M Covering Flux For Aluminium Alloys Containing Magnesium.
420014MM Modifing Flux Al Modifying Flux For Eutectic And Hypo Euctectic AluminiumAlloys.
520015MM De Mag Flux For Removing Magnesium For Aluminium Alloys.
620016MM Cover FLUX FC Exothermic Powder Flux For Furnace Wall Cleaning.
720021MM Degaser Al. Degassing Tablet For The Removal Of Hydrogen FromAluminium Melts.
820031MM Grain Refiner Nucleating Tablet For Aluminium Alloys For Grain Refining.
920041 MM LADLE COAT Coating For Ladle For Aluminium.
1020051 MM Graphite Coat (P) A Water / Spirit – Dispersible Powder For Moulds And Cores For Iron.
1120052MM Graphite Coat (S) Graphite-Spirit Based Coating For Moulds And Cores For Iron.
1220053MM Graphite Coat(W) Graphite-Water Based Paint For Moulds And Cores For Iron.
1320061MM Die Coat IN. Insulating Type Die Coat For Gravity Die And Permanent Moulds.
1420062MM Die Coat GR. Easy Releasing Coating For Gravity Die Applications.
1520063MM Die Coat PDC Water Based Die Coat For Pressure Die Castings Applications.
1620064MM LUBEX Graphite-Oil Based Plunger Lubricant For Pressure Die Casting &Extrusion.
1720071MM Feeder Anti-Piping Compounds For All Non- Ferrous Alloys.
1810131MM Mould Coat 00 Thinner For Diluting Spirit Based Paints Used On Moulds And Cores.
1910171MM Refra Coat Refractory Coating Designed To Protect The Bricks, Steel,Monolithics Etc. Castables
2010191MM Ins-liners Performed Sleeves Of Fibrous Insulating Material.
2110192MM Exo-liners Performed Exothermic Sleeves To Assist The Feeding Of Castings.