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HI-PUMP PRIME  is a powder form, Water-soluble, Ready to use pump primer and pumping aid. Hi-Pump Prime is an Environmentally friendly formulated unique compound, provides the concrete pumper with a cost-effective replacement for premium-priced grout, primer slurries or bagged cement primers. When using sticky mixes It reducing the line pressure and increase the pumpability. Hi-Pump Prime compatible with all conventional concrete materials and contains no bentonite, cementitious materials, soaps or air entraining agents.


Consistent. Time Saver. Easy to mix and use. Easy to store on the pump. Cheaper. Cuts maintenance costs.


  •  Eliminates the need for carrying bagged cement.
  • No need for expensive ready-mixed priming grout.
  • Minimizes wear and abrasion of equipment.
  • Reduces friction and line pressure.
  • Increases ease and range of pumpability.
  • Decreases horsepower required for pumping.


Hi-Pump Prime is available in 250gms Pouch in box Containing 50 pouches.


Appearance : White Solids
Form : Powder
Odor : Odorless
pH Value : 8-10 (1% Solution)
Solubility : Soluble in Cold/Hot Water


Follow the directions given below to prepare

Step 1. Mix:

  • Empty one bag into 20 Lt bucket and half fill with water, stir for one minute.
  • Fill remainder of a bucket with water, stir for one minute.
  • Let mix stand for at least 5 minutes or until a slick-like texture develops.

Step 2. Prime Pump:(determine situation that best describes your pump)

  • If the pump has a priming port (CAPS), pour into primer port just ahead of ready-mix.

If primed through the hopper: For vertical intake ports (gate or rock valve):

  • Fill water in hopper high enough for intake parts to charge as pump cycles.
  • Pour the mixed Hi-Pump Prime into the hopper so the prime is charged in the system ahead of the ready-mix For horizontal intake ports
  • Fill water in the hopper as necessary in order to allow the port or ports to charge as pump cycles.
  • Pour the mixed Hi-Pump Prime directly into intake port just ahead of the ready-mix.

If primed directly in the hopper:

  •  Pour at least 5 gallons of water into the hopper.
  •  Pour one bag of Hi-Pump Prime into hopper and cycle pump in reverse for 15 to 20 strokes.
  •  Let stand at least 10 minutes prior to the priming system
  •  Charge prime into system ahead of ready- mix.

In actual working conditions slurry formed with one pouch of 250 gms. Hi- Pump Prime will be sufficient for 60-80 mtr. long pipeline of 125 mm. diameter. However the dosage may vary according to the site conditions consumption may increase if the pipeline has more bends, unions or vertical transport sections.

Best results: Pre-mix in a 20Lt Bucket the night before


Hi-Pump Prime should be stored in a dry location, protected from breakage, deterioration, and contamination. They are not subject to damage from freezing temperatures.


Do not use less than the recommended amounts of water to mix Hi Pump Prime.

1-2 pouches of 250g Hi-Pump Prime instead of
Sand / Cement slurry made of:

This Product is Formulated and Labeled and Commercial use only For Best Results and Safest Usage, User is Specialty Directed to Consult.

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