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Hi-Fix is non-emulsifiable, acrylic latex binding agent and admixture, which is supplied as a ready to use white liquid. This high-performance polymer is formulated as a bonding agent for cementitious mortars and toppings and as an admixture to site mixed or prepackaged cement-based mortars. It also serves as a Bond Coat to repair sections. This binder can be used as a resurfacing or patching compound for the repairs of floors, roofs, and ceilings.


Interior or exterior, above or below grade bonding agent. Performance, enhancing admixture for stucco, cement, plaster, cementitious topping and overlays, prepackaged, and site mixed mortars. Cyclically damp environments, food processing plants, water storage facilities, swimming pools. Polymer modified concrete (PMC) for bridge decks and white toppings.


  • Forms permanent, positive chemical and mechanical bond to sound surfaces. The single-component liquid can be easily gauged as required.
  • Improved cohesion and workability.
  • As an admixture increases abrasion and impact resistance, early and ultimate flexural tensile and compressive strengths.
  • Improves Chemical resistance to fertilizer acids, alkalis.
  • Aids in controlling shrinkage cracking.
  • Reduces permeability for excellent freeze-thaw resistance.
  • Deepens and enhances colored mortars resists fading and is non-yellowing under UV exposure.
  • The higher quality polymer has no strong ammonia odor.
  • Significantly prohibits chloride ion penetration increasing the corrosion resistance of reinforcing steel.


Meets the requirements of ASTM C-1059, type II, standards specifications for Latex Agents for Bonding Fresh To Hardened Concrete when tested in accordance with ASTM C-1042.

TEST                                   TEST METHOD                 %                 IMPROVEMENT
Curing Method

Shear Bond Strength        ASTM C-1042                 389%                 1600%

Flexural Strength               ASTM C-348                   127%                    222%

Tensile Strength                ASTM C-190                   121%                   215%

Compressive Strength      ASTM C-109                   94%                    228%


Hi-Fix is a single component material packed in 5 liters, 20 liters plastic containers.


Surface preparation
A substrate to the repaired or topped must be clean and free of all dust, dirt, oil grease curing or sealing compounds, or other contaminants that may interfere with proper adhesion.
Reinforcing Steel Priming
Apply once full coat of Hi-Prime to any exposed steel reinforcement and allow to dry before continuing. If any doubt exists about having achieved an unbroken coating, a second application should be made and, again, allowed to dry before continuing.


A slurry coating of a 1:1 cement: Hi-Fix by volume should be mixed and be applied to the pre-dampened surface by medium-stiff brush.
Systems to be bonded must be placed whilst the primer remains tacky. The priming coat must be worked into the surface by a stiff brush/ broom ensuring uniform wetting out of the substrate. If the primer is allowed to dry, apply a second coat of primer.


Pour the aggregate, sand, and cement into a stationary creteangle-type mixer. Start the mixer admix for approximately 1 minute. Slowly add the pre-mixed Hi-Fix(8-10 liters for 50kg cement) and water and continue mixing for a further 3 minutes. Check the consistency of the mix, and if required adjust with a little water but keep this to a minimum.
Typical designs are detailed below:

Application Priming Coat Patch repair mortar 6mm-50mm Render 6mm-9mm Floor Screed 10mm-50mm Bonding mortar for bedding tiles, slip bricks etc.,  6mm-50mm

Grade medium

Sharp sand aggregate


Water (approx)

Yield (approx)

2 kg


0.4 kg

0.41 ltrs

4 m2

50 kg

150 kg


10 kg

81 ltrs

0.1 m3

50 kg

150 kg


10 kg

61 ltrs

0.1 m3

50 kg

75 kg


75 kg

10 kg

61 ltrs

0.1 m3

50 kg

125 kg


10 kg

71 ltrs



The above water contents are based on dry sand and aggregates, if using wet or damp sands. And aggregates the mix should be adjusted accordingly.


Once mixing is complete apply the mix onto the primed area and works well into the substrates. For leveling and consolidating, tamp with the screed bar and then rub with a plastic float. A smooth finish is achieved by light traveling with a straight-edged steel trowel. If greater depths are required on both vertical and overhead applications this may be carried out by building up in layers with the surface of the intermediate layer being scratch-keyed and cured prior to the further application of the slurry primer and mortar when the material has set up.


Hi-Fix mortars, toppings, and renders are cement-based. In common with all cementitious materials, they must be cured immediately after finishing in accordance with good concrete practice.


Do not apply Hi-Fix when the temperature is expected to below 50c(40oF) within 12 hours or when rain is imminent.


Hi-Fix is non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-hazardous. However, any splashes on any part of the human body must be washed with plenty of water.


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