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HI-ADHESIVE ULTRA is a specially formulated two-component system used for fixing the tile, stones, slabs, marbles, etc. in interior and exterior wall and floors. Due to the combination of Polymer and powder, the mixed material after complete curing exhibits excellent water resistance, flexibility, and high bond strength.


Used as a high-performance tile adhesive.

Used for higher bed thickness of tile fixing.

Highly recommended as a Tile on Tile adhesive.

Used in areas where the high degree of water resistance, compressive strength, shear strength, tensile strength, and flexural strength is required.


Excellent water resistance and high bond strength.

Can be used for internal & external and wall & floor applications.

Recommended for all types of tiles, marbles, stones, mosaics, etc.


Hi-Adhesive Ultra is available in 20 kg bags (Part A) and 5lt Tin (Part B).


Form                                     : Powder(Part A) 

                                                Liquid  (Part B)

Color                                           : Grey/White (Part A)

                                               White (Part B)

Density                                     : 1.25 (Part A)

                                               1.05 (Part B)

Application temperature  : from +5°C to +35°C

Pot Life                                  : 30 min


Prior to tile fixing, ensure the background surface is clean, dry and free from all dirt, dust, debris and any loosely adhering materials.

Mix Part A with Part B completely. Using a slow speed drilling machine mix thoroughly and ensure its uniform mix. If required add more water to the required quantity for the purpose of consistency. Hand mixing is only acceptable for very small quantities and in general, is not recommended.

Apply Hi Adhesive Ultra on to the background surface-floor or wall using a suitable trowel and fix the tiles immediately after the material is toweled. With a slight twisting action to an angle of 45º adjust the tiles, so that the material is spread on to the complete area of the tiles and fix it to the required position. Once the tile is fixed, remove the excess material immediately and finish it neatly. This ensures a hundred percent coverage of the material on the tile and to the background surface. Continue laying the tiles as required in this manner. Do not apply, the adhesive to an area that is of a size that cannot be completed within its open time.

Coverage: Approximately, for a 3mm bed thickness of tile fixing the coverage may be 4kg/m², provided the background surface is smooth and free of undulations.


6 months from production date if stored in original, unopened packaging, in temperature between +5°C and +35°C. Protect from direct sun exposure and frost.

This Product is Formulated and Labeled and Commercial use only.

For Best Results and Safest Usage, User is Specialty Directed to Consult.

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