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HI-PLAST is a highly efficient plasticizer/water-reducing admixture for concrete/mortars. It is a gray liquid based on a processed calcium lignosulphonate. It does not contain calcium chloride or any other chemicals, which could be harmful to the durability of reinforced concrete.  It enables easier placing, compaction, and finishing of concrete and may be used to reduce the water content whilst retaining the same workability resulting in higher strengths.  It may also be used to reduce the overall cement content for specified strength and durability.


  • It avoids shrinkage and surface laitance.
  • It reduces permeability and improves durability.
  • Improves the cohesion of concrete mixes based on the poor quality material having a higher water demand.
  • It has also been successfully used in lightweight aggregate concrete pump mixes.


Hi-Plast is a single component material packed in 5 liters, 20 liters, and 50 liters plastic containers.


Color                                                      :        Gray

Form                                                      :        Liquid emulsion

Appln Temp                                         :       >5°c

Service Temp                                       :        250Cto 600C

Salt Scaling Resistance                      :        Excellent

Chloride Content                                :        0.01% or less


Hi-Plast is supplied ready for use and should be added directly to the mix preferably with the gauging water. Preferably with the gauging water. The concrete should then be mixed for sufficient time to ensure thorough dispersion.

The dosage rate is 200 ml Hi-Plast per 50 kg of cement. Slightly higher dosages may be necessary on some mix designs. The optimum dosage should be determined by trials with the proposed mix.


Hi-Plast can be incorporated in concrete to give one of the three following benefits (or a combination of these benefits).

  1. As a water reducer

By keeping the workability of the concrete mix the same, a significant reduction (10-20%) in the quantity of gauging water added can be achieved by the incorporation of Hi-Plast, giving higher strength, more durable concrete.

  1. As a workability aid.

Much increased workability can be achieved by the incorporation of Hi-Plast with no adjustment to the quantity of gauging liquid.

This produces mixes which are more readily placed and compacted to save time and labor and also produces denser concrete with reduced permeability.

  1. Reduction of cement content.

By the incorporation of Hi-Plast, it is possible to produce lower-cost corresponding mixes (of comparable workability and 28 days strength) at lower cement contents (8-12% reduction for nominal 300 kg/m3 mix). Such corresponding mixes with Hi-Plast exhibit improved durability under freeze/thaw cycling when compared with control mixes.

These benefits can be used to the full in both mass and reinforced concrete, in precast and ready-mixed concrete, and in difficult placing conditions such as floor laying, where it is important to obtain maximum workability with a minimum water/cement ratio.

Test Results

Hi-Plast when tested at a dosage rate of 200 ml / 50 kg cement as a Normal Water Reducing Admixture.

Table 1: Control Mix Properties

Property                              Result                       Compliance Limits

Compacting Factor                0.90                         0.88 – 0.90

Air Content                           1.5%                            < 2.0%

Stiffening time –

  Initial Set                             1 3/4 hours

  Final Set                             3 hours

Comprehensive Strength

            7 days                        45.5 N/mm2

           28 days                      56.5 N/mm2

Cement Content                  299 kg/m3              300 + 5 kg/m3

Table 2: Performance Requirement for Test Mix concrete A

Property                                  Result                                           Compliance Limits

Compacting Factor                0.93                                              atleast 0.03 above control mix.

Air Content                             1.8%                                              No more than 1.0% above control but<3%

Comprehensive Strength     45.5 N/mm2-100%                   At least 90% of control mix.

                                                   57.0N/mm2-100.9%                At least 90% of control mix.

Table 3: Performance Requirement for Test Mix concrete B

Property                                 Result                             Compliance Limits

Compacting Factor               0.88%                           Not more than 0.02 below control mix

Air Content                             1.8%                              No more than 1.0% above control but<3%

Stiffening time Initial set    2 1/4 hours                    within 1 hour of control

                      Final set            3 1/2 hours                    within 1 hour of control

Comprehensive strength

                     7 days       52.0 N/mm2 – 114.3%     At least 90% of control mix

                   28 days       63.5 N/mm2 – 112.4%     At least 90% of control mix


Store tightly sealed containers at room temperature. The self-life of properly stored material is one year from the date of manufacture.


Do not apply Hi- Plast when the temperature is expected to below 5ºC (40ºF) within 12 hours or when rain is imminent.


Hi-Plast is non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-hazardous. However, any splashes on any part of the human body must be washed with plenty of water.

HI-BOND priority is to make specialized chemicals for your construction needs.

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