It is a elastomeric ceramic tile adhesive, consists of polymers. Hi-Tile consists of polymers, features very low shrinkage and will resist humidity, water and extreme climates. It can be used  for wall cladding and installation of ceramic tiles, marble, granite, state and stone. It can be used inside and outside over a variety of surfaces on both walls and floors.


Ceramic tiles on prefabricated panels (concrete and fiber-cement).

Ceramic Tiles on pre-cast concrete walls, rendered brickwork etc.

Ceramic Tiles, etc. in concrete swimming pools.

Ceramic tiles on floors, including those with under floor heating.

Ceramic tiles, slate and suitable stone tiles in outdoor application (swimming pools, balconies, facades, terraces).

Ceramic tiles in refrigeration units.

Ceramic tiles on surfaces subject to movement (e.g. suspended concrete slabs).

Tiles in commercial kitchens, dairies and other areas where limited chemical resistance and hygiene are required.


As a crack suppressant elastomeric membrane. Barrierflex is applied with a trowel to develop an elastic membrane that will prevent existing hairline cracks in the floor/wall from coming through the tile surface. As a waterproofing membrane for interior and exterior surfaces subject to water penetration (not rising damp) Hi-Tile has a low shrinkage rate and excellent bonding, which makes it suitable for use on the most difficult surfaces. It has high resistance to impact, vibration, temperature changes and ageing.


Type                                                 :        Single component

Form & Color                                 :        White liquid

Specific gravity                              :        1.02+/-0.01kg/lt

PH of liquid                                    :        9-10

Mixing                                             :        White cement or cement

Ratio                                                :        liquid-40kg/15lt

Specific gravity

of mix                                              :        Approx.1.8kg/litre

Pot life                                            :        30minutes

Sagging                                           :        None


Hi-Tile  sets rapidly mix only an amount that can be placed and leveled within 20-30 minutes. It is a single part elastomeric ceramic tile adhesive mixed with white cement/cement at the ratio of 4:1.5(cement: liquid) (by Weight), becomes an easy to paste. Minimum bed thickness should be less than 1.5mm and never more than 10mm.

Floors                    :        40kg            :        15litres.

Walls                     :        40kg            :        11litres

Membrane/Antifracture Membrane        :        20kg:20litre


Fixing Tiles

Tiles must be carefully selected to suit the area in which they will be used. Ensure surface is dry, clean and free from dust, grease, oil, wax and any other contaminating material. Apply adhesive mixture to the wall and floor using the appropriate size notched trowel,  usually 6x6x6mm or 10x10x10mm. Beat the dry tiles into the ribs of the adhesive before it skins. The whole of the back of the tile must be in good contact with the adhesive. No space should be left beneath the tiles. The final bed must not be less than 1.5mm thick or more than 10mm. Large size tiles may require buttering of the adhesive on  the back of the tiles as well as spreading the adhesive on the background to ensure 100%coverage. Wall tiles should be adjusted to give a space of a least 1.5mm between each the (Joint width). Wall tiles should have a final joint width of not less than 3mm. From time to time a tile should be removed to ensure correct coverage is being achieved. Do not grout until the tiling has set firmly (usually the next day) and allow the adhesive to cure for at least 48 hours before walking on the floor.


After above 12 hours of air drying, sprinkle little water on the tiles at an interval of 2hours. Continue this for 48 – 72 hours. The surface can be put to use.


Store Tightly sealed containers at room temperature. Self life of properly stored material is six months from the date of manufacture.


Do not apply Hi-Tile  when the temperature is expected to below 50c(400F) within  12  hours or when rain is imminent.


Hi-Tile is non-toxic, non-flammable and non hazardous. However any splashes on any part of the human body, must be washed with plenty of water.




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