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HI-SHIELD is the latest polymeric compounds made from selected synthetic co polymers to meet various applications needed to give water proof barrier for protecting and repairing RCC and Steel Structures. Hi-Shield is the main polymer component is based on latex modified acrylic co polymer when blended with cement. The polymer cement mixture makes it suitable to provide the barrier coatings. Hi-Shield has excellent bonding property to mortars, concrete, brick work, wood, glass, aluminium and steel. The flexible and elastomeric nature of the system has properties which are able to combat the inadequacies of cement like low flexural strength and tensile strength, low impact strength, and thin section fragility. The resultant system offers a tough, hard wearing surface with abrasion, chemical and weather carbonation resistance coupled with excellent waterproofing effect for marine environments as well. hi-shield is resistant to salts, mild acids and strong alkalis between pH range 4 to 14. It is non toxic and thus usable for coating structures storing portable water.


hi-shield is a flexible cementitious coating, used for waterproofing, it provides a flexible water proof Coating suitable for use in RCC roofs, potable water tanks, reservoirs, parking structures, bridges, canals, culverts and other concrete structures, hi-shield is suitable for use on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.


Excellent adhesion to most building substrates.

Improves flexural, tensile and thin section fragility of cementitious system.

Allows breathing thus preventing peeling and scaling.

Gives a tough, hard wearing surface with effective waterproofing.

Reduces chloride / salt penetration in marine environment.

Resists carbonation effect.

Improves bond strength with steel.

Self curing.

Increases overall structural durability.


hi-shield is a single component material packed in 5 liters, 20 liters and 50 liters plastic containers.

technical data

Color                                         :        White

Form                                         :        Liquid emulsion

Appln Temp                             :        >50C

Service Temp                           :        250C to 600C

Pot life                                       :        Approx, 30 minutes

Salt Scaling Resistance           :        Excellent

Chloride Content                      :        0.01% or less

Resistance to positive

water pressure                          :        7 bar

Resistance to negative

water pressure                          :        3 bar

surface preparation

Abrade existing substrate to remove all unsound concrete, but do not use excessive force, which may cause micro fracturing, consider wire brushing or sand blasting. Substrate must be structurally sound and free of laitance and loose dust particles, oil, grease, dirt or any other contaminants that can adversely affect the bond. Prepared surface must be free and dry condition. New concrete should be a minimum of three days old.


1 Lt of Hi-Shield should be poured into a plastic or metal drum having a volume of at least 5 liters. 2kg of cement (53 grade) is gradually added to the liquid whilst mixing with a mixing paddle or other approved spiral paddle attachment on a variable speed drill. Mixing is continued, Constantly moving the paddle around the drum, until a lump-free Slurry is obtained. This should take a minimum of 3 minutes and maximum Of 5 minutes .

NOTE : The preferred drill speed is between 280 & 640 RPM


Apply Hi-Shield on the properly prepared substrate, by a soft 4-inch wide Paintbrush. The application should be similar to painting-in one Direction. Take care  while applying the slurry at construction joints and honey-combed  surfaces. The voids, holes or pores should be well covered by the slurry. Allow this first coat to dry for about 4 hours. Do not spray any water on it.

Apply a second coat of the slurry in the direction of right angles to the first coat. Allow this coat to air dry overnight, and do not spray any water or walk over the surface.


After above 12 hours of air-drying, sprinkle little water on the coating at an interval of 2 hours. Continue this for 48-72 hours. The surface can be put to use.


Store tightly sealed containers at room temperature. Self life of properly stored material is  one year from the date of manufacture.


Do not apply Hi-Shield when the temperature is expected to below 5ºC(40ºF) with in 12 hours or when rain is imminent.


Hi-Shield is non-toxic, non-flammable and non hazardous. However, any splashes on any part of the human body, must be washed with plenty of water.


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