Hi-Seal is a single component, ready to use paste, high strength  polymer modified cementitious patching mortar for horizontal, vertical and overhead repair of concrete and masonry.


 Excellent adhesion.

Coefficient of expansion similar to concrete.

Excellent workability results in labor saving.

Repaired areas will breathe.

Tradesman use conventional practices.

Excellent resistance in atmospheric temperatures.

Traffic bearing in 8 hours.


Appearance                               :        Cream Colour

Full curing Time                      :        5 days @ 300C

Specific Gravity                        :        2.5+-0.05

Coverage                                    :        15-18 running meter/kg

Sculpture Time                         :        For an additional 20 minutes after         

                                                               initial set, Hi-Seal can be formed

                                                               (shaved) by the edge of a trowel.

                                                              The finisher can shape (shave) the

                                                              contour during the period of time.


Hi-Seal is packed in ½ kg, 1 kg, 2 kg & 5 kg containers.


All cracked or disintegrated concrete or other foreign material should be removed from the patching area, exposing a sound substrate. Edges of surface to be patched should be cut vertical or undercut if possible. Widen hairline crack using putty blade or knife. Expose crack up to cement plaster surface.

Pack the Hi-Seal in to the patching area, troweling the minimum amount necessary to achieve an approximate level finished, then wait for the initial set.  Refill undulations over first application after 24 hours, if required. For non-skid qualities, use a stiff brush to roughen the surface. Care must be taken to avoid formation of cavities. Allow the coated surface to cure generally for 5 days.


Requires dry storage. Shelf life of properly stored material is 6 months in un opened container from the date of manufacturing.


Do not install Hi-Seal unless substrate and air temperature is at least 400F  (4.40C) and rising for the next 48 hours. Do not apply to a frozen surface. DO NOT USE   SOLVENT BASED CURING COMPOUNDS. Care must be taken to insure proper concrete  practices are used in preparation, mixing, placing and curing.


Hi-Seal is non-toxic, non-flammable and non hazardous. However, any  splashes on any part of the human body, must be washed with plenty of water.


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