Hi Rain Guard is a single component ready to use water based  waterproof coating. It provides excellent resistance to fungus and algae. It is a  elastomeric coating that fills & covers hairline cracks and maintains a clean surface.


Exterior surfaces of Masonry walls, Concrete, RCC, Pre-cast, Concrete panels, rain lashed walls, chajjas & parapet walls.


Easy To Apply by Brush, Roller or Spray.

Mold and Mildew resistance

Long durability

Covers hair line cracks


Non toxic, Eco-friendly


Color                                   :  White and Dark basis

Form                                   :  R.F.U

Specific Gravity                : 1.3

Bonding                             :  Excellent

Appln Temp                      : >5º C

Service Temp                    : 20ºC – 55ºC

Solid Content                    : >65%

Accelerated Weathering :  UV Resistant


 Surface Preparation : Clean the surface thoroughly with out any loose material, oil, grease etc by wire brushing/ shot blasting and finally clean surface with Vacuum.  All surface cracks up to 3 mm width should be filled up with Hi-Seal crack seal paste. Cracks more than 3 mm and all separation gaps should be filled up with Hi-Fix modified mortar modified mortar.

Priming: Where necessary to seal of dust and cohesiveness to improve the substrate, Apply HI-PRIME as a Primer.

Application: Apply Two coats of HI-Rain Guard on the properly primed surface, by using a Roller or Brush. Each coat apply with an interval of 2-3 hrs.


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