HI GUARD is a  ready to use single component liquid rubber polymer dispersion which dries to form a thin, seamless, load bearing elastomeric waterproof membrane. It is fast drying, breathable, produces a continuous moisture barrier with outstanding adhesion. Easily applied with Brush, Roller, Trowel or Sprayer.


HI GUARD is used to waterproof:

▫ Interior and Exterior.

▫ Walls

▫ Balconies and Terraces.

▫ Asbestos roofing.

▫ Wet rooms such as Shower areas and Shower pans, Bathrooms, Kitchens             

  and Sanitary areas in commercial buildings and Residential Homes.

▫ Drains

▫ Swimming pools ,Foundations and water features.

▫ External coating of walls in Basements, sumps, Subways and Lift wells.

▫ Fast track jobs where time is of essence and areas not requiring intricate

  waterproofing details.


▪ Convenient – Ready to use, can be easily applied by Brush, Roller Or spray.

▪ Protects substrates from damage by water penetration.

▪ Tough, Durable, Long term protection.

▪ Elostomeric – Isolates cracks up to 1/8” (3mm).

▪ Inhibits the growth of mold &mildew.

▪ Good Weather resistance and offers excellent resistance to UV degradation.

▪ Breathable.               

▪ Solvent free- Environmentally friendly.

▪ Fast Setting.

▪ Safe-Non flammable.

▪ Ease of Maintenance.

▪ Install tile, brick and stone directly onto membrane.


HI GUARD is packed in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg Plastic Containers.


Approximately 40 Sq. Ft.s / Kg./ coat on reasonably smooth masonry surfaces.


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