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Hi Damp Proof is a Ready t use single component for damp proofing of masonry block, Walls, pre- cast and poured concrete foundation walls.


New Construction: Damp proofs and seals residential masonry block and concrete foundation walls.


Can be applied directly to damp walls

Can be applied to top of foundation walls

Surface cure with in 4-6 hours

Can be painted over coating

Easy to apply by Brush, Roller or Air less spray

Continuous coating, eliminates seams


HI DAMP PROOF is packed in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg Plastic Containers.


Color                            :  White

Form                            :  R.F.U

Specific Gravity           :   1.25

Bonding                        :  Excellent

Appln Temp                  :   >5º C

Service Temp                :   20ºC – 55ºC

Solid Content                :   >60%

Accelerated Weathering :   UV Resistant


Repair all structural deficiencies before applying Hi Damp proof Damp proof coating. Concrete tie locations below grade that create holes or recesses in to the wall, shall be sealed with an approved material or method. The surface must be clean, sound, dry and free from oil, grease, laitance and any loose particles to ensure good Adhesion. Where necessary to seal of dust and cohesiveness to improve the substrate, Apply HI-PRIME as a Primer.

Apply two Coats of Hi Damp proof damp proof coating, without dilution with Brush, Roller or air less sprayer. The application should be similar to painting – in one direction. Allow this first coat to dry for about 4-6 hours. Apply second coat of the slurry in the direction of right angles of the first coat.Material must be completely dry to the substrate before any type of protection board is applied or before backfill operations can begin. Equipment cleans with water.


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