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HI-GROUT 100 is a plasticized expanding grout powder additive which when mixed with the cementitious system imparts shrinkage compensation and high flowability. It is a combination of a plasticizing agent use of a reduced W/c ratio with consequent increased strength & durability and a gas producing expansion medium counteracts the natural settlement and plastic shrinkage of the grout and aids stability and cohesion. It is suitable for Pre-Stressing grout admixture when complying with BS888110-1:1997-A.


  • Cable duct grouting.
  • Bed grouting.
  • Filling and Jointing.
  • Pressure Grouting.
  • Filling up the plumbing and electric chases.
  • Cavity filling.


  • Economical to use.
  • Compatible with all types of admixtures and cement.
  • Compensates shrinkage in plastic stage.
  • Reduces W/c ratio, improves strength and pumpability.


Hi -Grout 100 is supplied 250gms pouches.


Aspect         : Light yellow free flowing powder


content        : Nil

Dosage        :250gm/50kg cement


Strength     : Its Plasticising action allows the

reduction of W/c ratio of grouts

whilst maintaining flow properties.

This gives an improvement in

strength and long-term durability

when cured under restraint


Times           : It does not affect the setting times.


Expansion       : up to 4% (Neat cement grout*)

up to 2% (Cement and grout*)

*Properties of a mix as suggested in directions for use

Compatibility  :   compatible with all types of Portland cement.


All areas to be grouted must be clean and free of oil, grease, dirt, and dust. Remove all loose materials. All metal components to be in contact with grout must be free of rust, paint, or oils.  All concrete to come in contact with the grout must be thoroughly saturated with clean water for a minimum of 12 hours before placement of grout. Remove excess water from holes and voids just before grout placement.

A mechanically powered grout mixer must be used for the best results. It is essential that a machine mixing capacity and labor availability is adequate to enable the grouting operation to be carried out continuously. This may require the use of a holding tank with provision for gentle agitation to maintain fluidity.

First, take water in the mixer and then the Portland cement, mix thoroughly until the cement has been completely dispersed. Then add  Hi – Grout 100 and sand (if any is being used), and continue mixing a further 5 minutes, making sure that a smooth even consistency is obtained.

The grout shall be placed within 15 minutes of mixing to gain the full benefit of the expansion process. Usual placing or pumping procedures shall be adopted ensuring a continuous operation.

Recommended grout specifications for grouting



OPC    Concreting        Water         Hi Grout    Approx                        

Sand         Sand                                    100           Yield


50 kg          —         20 to 23 liters 250 g     36 liters

50 kg      50 kg       22 to 25 liters 250 g     57 liters

Note: For grout, mortar, or concrete mixes with an aggregate/ cement ratio of more than 1, use 4 x 250 g units of Hi Grout 100 per 100 kg of cement.

Effects of overdosing

Drastic overdosing of Hi Grout 100 increases expansion and may cause frothing.


On completion of the grouting operation, any exposed areas which are not to be cut back should be

thoroughly cured by means of water application, Hi cure curing membrane.


Grouts mixed with Hi Grout 100 should be removed from tools and equipment with clean water immediately after use.


6 months from the date of manufacture, if stored in the original container under shade, unopened. Store in the dry area.


For further information refer to the appropriate Product Safety Data Sheet.


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