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HI-CURE Concrete Curing Compound Single Component Acrylic-Based Primer And Curing Compound.


HI-CURE Concrete Curing Compound is a single component polymer acrylic based curing compound. It is designed to act as an efficient curing membrane for use with the Hi-Bond range of repair mortars. Hi-Cure achieves > 60% curing efficiency when applied at a rate of 5m2/liter.


Hi-Cure is packed in 5 lt, 20 lt, and 50 liters plastic containers.


COLOR                         : White
Form                             : Liquid
Curing Efficiency       : > 60%
Surface Appearance   : Clear tack-free film
Appln. Temp.              : > 50C


No mixing of  Hi-Cure is required.


Primer to the use of Hi-Cure as a bonding primer, Hi-Cure should be brushed onto the pre-dampened substrate using a stiff brush and thoroughly worked into the surface. Applications of the repair mortar should be undertaken whilst the primer is still wet.

Hi-Cure should be spray applied evenly to freshly placed repair mortar when used as a curing membrane. It is advisable to apply in two passes to ensure the correct coverage rate is achieved.

Hi-Cure can be brush applied, however, this would reduce the curing efficiency. Hi-Cure should be applied after an initial set of the repair mortar has been achieved or when the face is free from surface water.


Do not place when the substrate temperature is below 100C or when the ambient temperature is below 50C and falling.


Hi-Cure is non-toxic non-flammable and non-hazardous however any splashes on any part of the human body must be washed with plenty of water.


The above information is based on the data of which we are aware and is believed to be correct the data here however they shall not constitute a product features and shall not establish a legally valid contractual relationship.

This Product is Formulated and Labeled and Commercial use only For Best Results and Safest Usage, User is Specialty Directed to Consult.

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