Business Continuity


B&B Specialities India Pvt Ltd .’s mission is to empower employees to be accountable and responsible for their efforts and attitudes to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.


We will advance our technical skills, develop our ability to conceive new ideas, and expand our markets by promoting an overseas strategy focused on the Asian market. strengthen our competitiveness in global markets by creating trusting relationships with our customers and improving our ability to gather information. We will promote compliance management that is aware of corporate responsibility in line with our company’s fundamental Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

Without employee development, there can be no corporate growth: We will further strengthen our corporate infrastructure by organically integrating our limited managerial resources and promoting the development of human resources as well as the creation of a satisfying workplace where they can fully draw upon their abilities.


B&B will be a recognized leader in our markets. We will realize our vision by:

  • investing in people, technology, and assets;
  • upholding the principles of Responsible Care;
  • continuously improving everything we do;
  • and delivering value to our customers.


We value the safety and well-being of our coworkers, communities, and the environment. Everything we do includes the goal of sustaining them for the future. We believe in a zero-injury workplace.

We know what we’re good at, and we participate where we can excel. When we commit, you can count on us for that long-term. Straightforward. We’re open and honest with our coworkers, customers, communities, and others. We like to get the facts out and deal with them. We make realistic promises and keep them.

We’re a responsive partner to our customers, suppliers, employees, and communities. They inspire us to create solutions that add value. We believe their success is our success.